We may offend you at the library!...

.... it's our job to have something for everyone. Like Coupling, like Harry Potter, (thanks Steven), like whatever else that has been challenged through the years....

One last thing about Coupling:

I found this at Jump the Shark, rough stuff from an anoymous poster:

"I would like to submit a little bit different "Shark" jump in regards to the new show NBC show "Coupling" My local NBC affiliate WNDU, "which apparently stands for 'We Need to Dictate to U'," decided not to air the pilot episode nor apparently any other episode. This affiliate has a loathsome history of censorship, which is really just an excuse to air "Notre Dame friendly" programs. For example, the "replacement" for "Coupling" was a rerun of a locally televised "roast" of a former Notre Dame football player. The self-righteous arrogance of WNDU is revolting. Under the guise of so-called "community standards" they basically deny a numerically significant viewership base the right to make viewing decisions for themselves. The antics of WNDU is gutless censorship, plain and simple, and for this station to presume it has a monopoly on "community standards" is beneath contempt. WNDU does not deserve to air NBC, or any other network programming. Fortunately another station aired the pilot episode of "Coupling," although those without cable or digital television still did not have the opportunity to see "Coupling." In fact, this other network capitalized on the fact that this show had been "banned" by WNDU. While "Coupling" has been panned by critics, and while I found it strained and only slightly amusing, it is fortunate I even got to watch it at all. Just wanted JTS readers to know censorship is alive and well in the United States. "

Posted: Tue - October 21, 2003 at 06:42 PM