Rocketing through the Library-verse (NYT article on Google)

Steven was right when he said:

This article is going to be cross-posted all over the place on listservs, weblogs, etc.My advice: Print it out, laminate it, and post it in several places around the reference desk and by your public access Internet terminals.

I saw his post via RSS at 8:20am and grabbed the article, read it, converted it to a PDF and sent it on to all of the librarians here at SJCPL . Our Head of Collection Development, of Book Blog fame around here, was in my office with his laptop (wifi connected) doing some stuff with me and he got the full-text of the article in his e-mail box while we were chatting from his step-father-in-law who Joe said "is very connected." (I love connected people!)

Since then, it's showed up in my NetNewsWire RSS feeds 5 more times...

How many times, dear library-interested reader, will this little piece from the NYT rocket its way to your in box, aggregator, etc?

Posted: Thu - February 5, 2004 at 10:41 AM