SCOTUS Decision & Library Technology Training

“A library that chose to block an adult’s Internet access to material harmful to children (and whatever else the undiscriminating filter might interrupt) would be imposing content-based restriction on communication of material in the library’s control that an adult could otherwise see. This would simply be censorship.”

LISnews rounds up all the CIPA/SCOTUS Decision news here. ..and it gives me pause to think about what impact this will have on libraries and their public/staff technology training programs. What should we consider in these arenas?

Your trainers, IT staff and managers/administrators over the IT/Public service areas should have a GOOD understanding of what it all means. Decisions on software should be carefully researched. Policies must be understood.

Educate staff -- all levels that the library's powers that be decide are applicable -- as to what this decision means. Use online resources like these to build a training session.

Then, educate your patrons. A handout? ("How the CIPA Decisions affects Anytown PL") Short sessions? Build it into Internet classes for sure....

Incorporate a mechanism for your patrons to complain officially and make it available to them..maybe as part of the handout or available when people ask.

Beyond Tech Training, make sure you have a point person to handle the media....

Let's see what happens next....

Posted: Sun - August 17, 2003 at 07:28 PM