Access for All

From today's South Bend Tribune :

Access for all

Our local NBC affiliate WNDU-TV chose not to air the comedy series "Coupling" this season because of its content. Only two stations in the U.S. chose not to air it -- Salt Lake City and here.

As a librarian, I'm all about free access to whatever anyone may need. I may not like the subject matter, I may find it offensive or I may love it, but heck, I'm not going to stop someone else from getting access. I think WNDU should have let the people of this community decide if they wanted to watch "Coupling" or not. I get the New York feeds on my Dish Network system so I watched it. It was boring and not that well done. I have seen the British equivalent on BBC America (Thank God for England) and it's a hoot.

Curious? We have the DVD of the first season of "Coupling" (BBC) at the St. Joseph County Public Library. Hoorah for the Sights and Sounds Department! If I want to see the Brit version I can check it out. If not, I'll pass it by. Same goes for any movie, CD, novel, or magazine.

Michael Stephens

Posted: Fri - October 24, 2003 at 06:38 PM