Authors Reply via E-Mail (I'm not a stalker...)

This is a repeat of a post I just made to Dreaming On ...but I thought I'd like to share it here too!

Ok, I'm not a stalker but I have enjoyed e-mailing a couple of authors I've read of late to tell them how much I enjoyed their work. Augusten wrote back, tickling me to no end. William J. Mann did as well. It's is so cool to be able to reach out and tell an author that their work was inspiring or useful or meaningful. Thanks!

Today I got an e-mail from Chris Epting , author of James Dean Died Here: The Locations of America's Pop Culture Landmarks.

A few days ago, I wrote in this blog : "I love books that detail where pop culture stuff has happened: the location of the Brady Bunch House, where Bob Crane was murdered, etc.... sometimes morbid but very cool." A friend of his found the post via a search engine and he wrote to me to say he had seen my post! How cool is that?

Thanks to all writers out there who mount Web sites about themselves and their work and offer an e-mail address!

Posted: Tue - July 1, 2003 at 06:38 PM