Circulating iPods in Libraries

Ponders the use of Apple revolutionary product in the library setting -- to check out!!!

Julie (Head of SJCPL's AV Area) and I have bantered about circulating MP3 players for months -- a rather cool idea. Kalamazoo PL has been doing it awhile . They link up to for content. Take a look at their policy on that page. Pretty well-thought. They include a car adaptor and require people to use their own headphones (ewww...I'd say so).

My vote for a circulating player would be the iPod!

Here's what I'd do in a perfect world:

Circulate 20 10GB iPods

Load 10 with the hottest AudioBooks going or collections of Audiobooks by super-hot authors -- purchased just for the iPod (you can't circulate something you've copied to MP3 format)

Load 10 with a sampling of the super-popular musical styles that people are into:

Show Tunes

Hot Hits of 2003 (including new releases - Fleetwood Mac and Madonna anyone?)
"Now that's what I call..." with all 12+ volumes


When the selections have run their course, the iPods are updated with new stuff and the originating CDs can be put into the collection. Rock On!

Patrons would give a credit card deposit of $300 and receive the iPod, the AC plug adaptor and cable to charge it, a case, a car kit and directions.

I googled to see if any libraries are circulating iPods but I didn't get any good hits.

Posted: Fri - August 1, 2003 at 06:38 PM