Updated Tame the Web & WiFi Access @ the Bread Shop

I gave www.tametheweb.com a much needed facelift last night. Following some of the principles I've gathered from Valerie (Web Usability Expert that she is!) and notable Usability Gurus like Darlene Fichter, I scaled back the graphics AND the text. Check out Jakob Nielson's site for more!

On the WiFi front (one of my new obsessions/passions depending on how well you know me), I am totally taken with the fact that our Mishawaka Panera Bread offers FREE wireless access in their place and all the way into the parking lot. I wish Borders, B&N and some of my favorite eateries would do the same!

Libraries of course are moving to wireless as well. We've had wireless access at our Centre Branch at SJCPL since 1999 for laptops!

Posted: Thu - May 1, 2003 at 06:32 PM