Public Libraries Using Blogs

PLs can benefit from Blogs! and CIL 2003 inspirations, yes, again!

I've been pondering Public Libraries and Blogs a lot since I started TTWBlog and Dreaming On . Our Assistant Director sent me a post to PubLib about some PLs that are using Blogs to their advantage. Here's LaGrange PL's Blog -- their entry as I'm writing this is on new DVDs for May. (Hoolia - take note!) Here's Glenview IL too. And all of these!!! How easy is this to put up current happenings, what's new posts, blurbs about events (we had great success a few weeks ago with the Blue's Clues touring company stortytime -- it'd be fun to have a post about that) and whatever else we might think of.

I'm also pondering an internal blog for our staff Intranet.

CIL 2003 had some cool programs that featured blogging, RSS and how these technologies can better serve our users and ourselves. Steven Cohen's "Keeping Current" program REALLY inspired me. My plan at SJCPL is to introduce our managers and administration to RSS, aggregators and blogging. I am also set to meet with part of our Web team about blogs on the new site.

How many Library Technology Trainer's blogs are there out there? This one... :-) Michael Sauers, who writes for Neal Schuman as well and who presented in the same track as me at CIL 2000. And others I'm sure.... if you have one, e-mail me!


Posted: Thu - May 1, 2003 at 06:30 PM