Google in USAToday: The Search Engine that Could

Jefferson Graham writes about Google in today's USAToday.

A history, overview, behind-the-scenes article, we also get a bit about libraries:

Everett Ward, assistant director of the Salt Lake City library, says the danger in researchers relying so much on Google and online information is that much of it is unsourced and inaccurate. "One of the problems with online searching is trying to understand the credibility and authority of what they're looking at. Google sends you everything. People still come to the library to research, not because they can't find it online, but they're finding too much."

Librarians.... this is our job: to teach library users how to tell what's good information and what's not so useful! That was part of my talk at Kendallville -- evaluating web information. It was also a module of my book . And it's also all over the web in some really good documents we can search.

Posted: Sat - October 11, 2003 at 06:29 PM