Library Training Orientations & New Employees

I have been following Greg's blog closely at Open Stacks because I'm intrigued by how PLs do orientation for new staff. At SJCPL, we have Circ Catalog training for all new employees that happens asap when they start. We also have an Orientation program that is done every few months.

Greg writes:

Fortunately, this was the good part of the day. I learned the following:

1. Don't park out back. Cars are not safe there. This is despite the fact that this is the library's only parking lot. Nice.

2. The Children's Librarian and her LA are the ones who really know what's up.

3. There are some really cool managers in other branches.

4. We have a rockin' branch-specific Friends of the Library group (yeah!).

5. Our automated system is severely antiquated.

6. My office(!) has tons of free shelf space.

7. Only the middle shelf of my desk locks.

8. My business cards have already been ordered.

Rock on Greg!

Posted: Sat - May 31, 2003 at 06:26 PM