LibraryMan, Serendipity and great Synchronicity

Michael Porter and I had a great visit yesterday! He arrived just as I was finishing a meeting with two reference librarians about a new feature on our Web site. We meeted and greeted and I took him on a tour of our Main Library. There was so much to much to talk about: our similar training careers, his ultra cool stints with the Gates Foundation and the cruise line, public libraries, sustainability, the library blogging community, cool libraries we have visited, PhD programs, IU SLIS, etc. The few hours we hung out were sprinkled with weird synchronicity and serendipity. (it was like we were clicking around on each other's personal and professional blogs finding out cool stuff...)

We toured Main, drove out to the Centre Library , met Jake and went to dinner at my favorite Thai place in South Bend (Siam Thai) .

I was reeling from all the great conversation. Library folk, here's my advice: seek out cool colleagues and TALK to them... exchange stories, talk tech, talk life, TALK! It's great professionally and it's pretty darn great personally too..

Ahh, lest I forget, the obligatory photos of the man, LibraryMan that is!

Posted: Fri - January 16, 2004 at 03:28 PM