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Rock On! Read Stephen Abram’s The Shop Window: Compelling and Dynamic Library Portals: There has been much discussion lately about the emergence of the next generation Web, colloquially referred to as Web 2.0. This is the emerging interactive Web, where two-way conversations are the norm, indeed the expectation. People demand […]

Abram on Library 2.0 and the Cluetrain

From the Rambling Librarian: We should go out there and engage potential users in the forums, chatrooms etc. As I wrote in my other blog:”… the presence that librarians project can no longer be the “Thou knoweth more than you-eth” attitude. To connect with our average information-customer, we need […]

Cluetrain & Public Service

Context Book Assignment: Net Smart: How to Thrive Online Critics of modern social media and our emerging hyperlinked culture are abundant. So are cheerleaders and utopians, who praise the potential of new media and our always-on, always-connected, society. Critics warn us that Google might be “making us stupid,” as Nicholas […]

Net Smart: How to Thrive Online by Howard Rheingold – ...

I’m updating and expanding my “Participatory Service & Emerging Technologies” class for my new position at SJSU SLIS. I’m carrying over one of my favorite assignments – the context book report. What would you add? ————————————————— Context Book: Students will read one book selected from a list provided, and write a 300 […]

Context Book Assignment for Participatory Service & Emerging Technologies – ...