Search Results: reinvention Congratulations to Jenny Levine on her new job at the American Library Association!! What an incredible thing: Jenny quotes the job description: “Knowledge of 2.0 technologies and concepts. Ability to work in a complex organizational environment. Strong communication ability (written and verbal). Comfort with rapid prototyping….” Who would have […]

Reinvention – Shifted Style!!!

This little fact snuck it’s way this week onto Michael Casey’s About Page at Library Crunch: He’s also the Division Director of Technology Services for the Gwinnett County Public Library. WoooHoo! Congrats to Michael for moving up from Branch Manager to Division Director of Technology! I have been knocked out […]

Reinvention Yet Again! Congratulations Michael Casey McMaster will have a new University Librarian on July 1. Jeffrey Trzeciak will join McMaster from Wayne State University where he is associate dean of the library system. “This appointment is a coup for the University,” says provost, Ken Norrie. “Jeffrey not only brings a wealth of experience from […]

Reinvention Again! Congratulations Jeff Trzeciak (Updated)

Next week I’ll be taking part in the Salzburg Global Institute program Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory Culture: As key stewards of our culture and heritage, libraries and museums have traditionally enjoyed, and to a great extent still do enjoy, a unique role and special responsibility within societies around […]

Next Week: Libraries and Museums in an Era of Participatory ...

Reprinted with permission from John’s blog:   Say the words, “slow reading”, and you will have a reader’s attention. In a time of information overload, we all feel pressure to read more quickly. Three years ago I performed a Google search on slow reading. I found studies on dyslexia and […]

Slow Reading: TEDxLibrariansTO Presentation by John Miedema

I’m honored to be playing a role in this event. My talk is called “Transforming Library Science Education: Heretical Thoughts.” May 16–17, 2011 McMaster University Burlington – Ron Joyce Center Burlington, Ontario Universities today are facing unprecedented pressures fueled in part by technological advances, transformations in scholarly communications, evolving student […]

The Future of the Academic Library: A Symposium