Why are you …?

You answered, Why am I a librarian (or insert your favorite information professional title here)? Thank you for a set of fun responses. Why I did I open the question to all information professionals? There are a lot of unique roles in libraries. There are a bunch of names for those roles within libraries. Some […]

What is today’s mystery word?

We’re not going to geek out here but we need to talk about: –Documents, –Virtualizing XP, –Restorable/Disposable Computing, –andLinux Read on and discover today’s mystery word. Spolier alert: this is a choose-your-own mystery word adventure. –Documents Here we beg the document engineering question. Do most people need all the features that Microsoft Word offers? Most […]

What I’m reading?

The snapshot posted above is from this article “Library Jargon: Student Recognition of Terms and Concepts Commonly Used by Librarians in the Classroom” and is a very interesting read. “EBLIP is a peer reviewed, open access journal published quarterly by the University of Alberta Learning Services, using the OJS Software. The purpose of the journal […]

Do you face Resistance?

Have you ever walked into a door you thought was open? I can’t tell you how many screen doors I’ve walked through living in Florida. Ever wonder what the heck you are running into where you work? Ever thought about what Resistance is? Ever felt like there was a force preventing you from moving in […]

Ever had to buy ridiculously priced text books?

“Assuming they acquire attractive data sources, CK-12’s next challenge will be spreading the word. The education system is not quick to adopt new technologies. I think that finding teachers able to use Internet-born text books will be their biggest challenge. They will have to communicate outside the tech channels that will give them initial buzz.” […]