The Changing Digital Environment

  Click here to see Kyle’s Slideshare presentation   Kyle Jones is a Dominican GSLIS student and my graduate assistant. Kyle was in my LIS701 class last fall and now we are working together on various projects. I wanted to point you to his presentation on digital literacy and a post he wrote at his … Continue reading The Changing Digital Environment

Do you face Resistance?

Have you ever walked into a door you thought was open? I can’t tell you how many screen doors I’ve walked through living in Florida. Ever wonder what the heck you are running into where you work? Ever thought about what Resistance is? Ever felt like there was a force preventing you from moving in … Continue reading Do you face Resistance?

Care to tell us why you’re a librarian?

Take the short answer survey. It’s merely three questions. Also, do you as new librarian, (or new information professional), care to say why you got into the profession when parts of the world see libraries and librarians as relics from an era-gone-by? You probably have meme-fatigued. That “geez, this question is turning up everywhere!” It’s … Continue reading Care to tell us why you’re a librarian?

Ever had to buy ridiculously priced text books?

“Assuming they acquire attractive data sources, CK-12’s next challenge will be spreading the word. The education system is not quick to adopt new technologies. I think that finding teachers able to use Internet-born text books will be their biggest challenge. They will have to communicate outside the tech channels that will give them initial buzz.” … Continue reading Ever had to buy ridiculously priced text books?

Put Virtual Reference in the User’s Pocket

Some say that IM is on the verge of extinction and that forging into such territory for virtual reference so late in the game is a waste of a library’s energy. You can surely count me as one of those who agrees with that statement. I predict, as do many others, that virtual reference needs … Continue reading Put Virtual Reference in the User’s Pocket

Why bother with Twitter?

Michael, who teams blogs over at, turned in a blazing time of 14 seconds for finding that reference article. (There was also a respectable 20 seconding showing which was faster than me). I then “cyber stalked” Mike over on Flickr Next we had a few exchanges that led to the conversation on microblogging. I … Continue reading Why bother with Twitter?

You didn’t hear about it here, right?

“Ars spoke with Steven Lareau, the IT chair for Clemson’s student advisory council. According to Lareau, Clemson previously “had an awful web-based e-mail system” (SquirrelMail). Lareau says that they compared Microsoft’s Outlook/Exchange combo with Gmail, and Gmail came out on top.” When I see students frustratingly loose USB drives with their term papers, have to … Continue reading You didn’t hear about it here, right?