WordPress Screencast by Kyle Jones

  In my LIS753 and LIS768 classes, all of the students create WordPress blogs for journaling, reflection on readings and assignments. I asked my graduate assistant and TTW contributor Kyle Jones to give his new MacBook Pro a workout by creating a spiffy “How to set Up WordPress” screencast. For weekend classes where our time … Continue reading WordPress Screencast by Kyle Jones

What kinds of conversations can you have?

Some pretty neat ones. I quickly posted on January 29th, “What are they doing right?” It was about the MCCL homepage. Which led to some lively comments. Some liked it. Some pointed to areas that needed improvement. Lisa, the web designer for the MCCL site responded about the design. Then something neat happened, one of … Continue reading What kinds of conversations can you have?

Chronicle: Facebook Apps at University Libraries

Jeffrey R. Young notes the libraries offering Facebook apps: http://chronicle.com/wiredcampus/article/2643/searching-library-collections-in-facebook So far the application does not seem to be listed in Facebook’s official directory. But a quick search of Facebook’s other applications shows that more than a dozen other academic libraries have created their own search tools for the social-networking platform. The University of Notre … Continue reading Chronicle: Facebook Apps at University Libraries

Students 2.0

Via Hey Jude: http://heyjude.wordpress.com/2007/12/08/students-20-fantastic-initiative/ This will be an initiative to watch: Administered, designed, edited, and written by a global mix of students of varying ages, interests, voices, and points of view, Students 2.0 will feature content written by both staff writers and guest contributors. From Hawaii and Washington, from St. Louis and Chicago, from Vermont, … Continue reading Students 2.0

Getting Things Done & Transparency

The Inquiring Librarian writes: http://inquiringlibrarian.blogspot.com/2006/12/true-confessions.html I recently checked out David Allen’s Getting things done from my local public library, thinking I could use a little help calming down the craziness that my life seems to have turned in to. Probably predictably, I turned it in late having only read the first 2 chapters. Oh, well. … Continue reading Getting Things Done & Transparency

Maney on the Wisdom of Crowds

http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/technology/maney/2006-09-12-wisdom-of-crowds_x.htm he WOC has been around forever — it’s what democratic elections try to tap into. But the Net takes it to a whole new level. “The Internet provides a mechanism to get lots of diverse opinions and aggregate it in a quick and cost-effective way,” Surowiecki tells me. So if a company can use … Continue reading Maney on the Wisdom of Crowds

Heading North in May: Toward Library 2.0: Training, Technology, & the Big Picture

Greetings! Looks like I’ll be heading north to Minnesota this May for a 5 day, 5 city tour. I hope to meet up with some cool librarians, so if you live in Minnesota and are coming to one of these talks, please say Hi. I’ll be travelling with Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran, Community Information Librarian for … Continue reading Heading North in May: Toward Library 2.0: Training, Technology, & the Big Picture