I blogged this before but it deserves a close re-read. Gordon gets it! http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA379266 She writes: “In order to keep up with constant change, our profession has the responsibility for integrating the contributions and perspectives of younger librarians into the field. The best way to start is by adopting their […]

Rachel Singer Gordon: NextGen Libs

CNN reports this am the Google announced yesterday a new Web mail service. http://www.cnn.com/2004/TECH/internet/03/31/google.email.ap/index.html I have taught Yahoo Mail for years at my library and on other training/consulting jobs. I’m interested to see how Google stacks up. I can already tell, I may switch. Why? The Google name – be […]

Google: Free Web Mail? Hooray! (Google has become a Portal)