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The Reference Blog: Evidence for Success

Stephen Francouer writes about the usefulness of his library’s Reference Blog:

I am really pleased with the way that our library’s reference blog,Reference at Newman Library, has continued to thrive after being launched four years ago. We’ve now posted over 1300 messages (and hundreds of comments, too); our weekly average is about a dozen posts.

When we started the blog, it was intended to do away with the informal and haphazard systems we had to notify each other at the desk of technical problems and to alert each other to new resources and tools. We had been using:

  • notes taped to the desk
  • a printed reference manual in a 3-ring binder, which is now replaced by our password-protected reference wiki (screenshots)
  • emails on internal listservs
  • word-of-mouth (i.e., tell the person coming on after you at the desk what to watch out for)

With the blog, we made all that great content easy to publish, easy to share, and easy to find again later. Since most of my colleagues don’t like using feed readers to keep up with RSS feeds, I set up a system to forward every post to them via email as soon as the posts are published.


I’m pleased to see a discussion of this type of anecdotal evidence/support for using blogs and CMSs to improve productivity. This should definetely be part of the evaluation process. A click through reveals a survey on the blog itself: Where do you primarily read this blog’s posts? I agree with Stephen and the results of this small survey of the blog’s users – getting library on oard with RSS aggregators is an important and logical next step.

TTW Mailbox: Library Seeks to Save Coltrane House

Ellen Druda, at Half Hollow Hills Community Library, writes:

A Love Supreme

We are so excited here at the library to be part of the community effort to restore the last home of the brilliant jazz artist John Coltrane. John lived here in Dix Hills and it was in this house that he composed “A Love Supreme,” one of his best-known and most beloved works. One of our patrons, Steve Fulgoni, came to the rescue when the house was set for demolition, but now he needs our help bringing it back to life. The first step will be a computer in the library dedicated to a large Coltrane collection of music and pictures, suitable for students, scholars or just the casual user. In the fall, the library will be part of an educational music program that will feature John’s son Ravi, and saxophonists David Liebman and Joe Lovano.

We share Steve’s dream of bringing life back to the house, fill it with children learning about jazz and how a musician lived his life in suburbs, and to inspire visitors with John Coltrane’s deep spirit and soul, which can still be felt when you walk through the rooms.

Want to know a little more? Visit thecoltranehome.wordpress.com .