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Hartford Public Library “A Place Like No Other.”


What a great video.  I especially like all the community leaders that came aboard for the video share their words about how important the library is to the fabric of the community.

Thanks to Aaron Schmidt for originally sharing this video…

-Post by Justin Hoenke,Tame the Web Contributor

Do you utipu?

Here’s a 1:00 screencast for utipu.com; it’s that easy to download and fire up.

1. Goto http://www.utipu.com/app/download

2. After download, run executable.

3. Launch and press record.

4. Goto http://www.youtube.com/my_videos_upload and upload your video

All together took about 8 minutes from download to upload. This is an easier way, perhaps, than saying:

Okayyyy….first click on…

Sorry. No Mac version -but you probably don’t need one. I imagine this killer app already exists in iMovie? in something else?

TTW: Lee LeBlanc