The Day After Tomorrow

I am back from 9 days Up North in Traverse City. Memorial Day was rainy so we headed to the theatre. My movie choice was The Day After Tomorrow and I was tickled to see it included some heroic librarians.

Today, I’m getting caught up on my news and blog posts. At LISNews, there’s a link to the Lipstick Librarian’s post about the movie. I’m going through the links and it’s great! Joe Schallon’s review is wonderful as well. He got the Capital Records Building reference that rocked my world.

I am totally a disaster film fan — I’ve seen em all and own many of my favorites on DVD so this is fun stuff. The fact that the librarians become heroes in a way is a nice touch!

Don’t miss TDAT for 2 hours of popcorn-munching, Diet Coke-sipping, “don’t want to leave to straighten my tie because I’ll miss something” Summer fun!