“Would You Like Wireless with That?”

CJ at technobiblio, who consistently hits on stuff that gets me thinking and saying a “Wow” internally, has this fabulous post about ALA and wireless.

He writes: My dream – this “check-box” exists at the registration desk this year – Conference staff person: “Here is your scarlet letter (I mean canvas bag) with lots of junk that you will just throw away – and would you like wireless access while at the conference for only $25?”

Me: (all googly-eyed and blinded by the clouds parting and the angels singing): “Why, yes, I think I would.”

Conference staff person: “Okay, please pay over there – where you can also purchase a wireless card if you do not have one and receive directions and assistance from a techno librarian buddy to get everything working.”

Uh yeah! I want to be a “techno librarian buddy!” What’s up withthis lack of connectivity and savvy at some of these big conferences? Time is not stopping for us folks. I want to be blogging from the third row of any darn meeting room I find myself in at any conference I might attend this year.

PLA really made me low at the lack of tech-savvy ANYTHING! Wireless was few and far between, costly and in weird places – McDonald’s and their weird pricing structure comes to mind.

I wrote this there and I still believe it should be!

I’ll be at ALA — with my laptop. I’ll be blogging a bit (and also having a ton-o-fun!) Our hotel has FREE wireless!! They want to attrract guests and furnish a service many travellers are expecting… Hmmm…