Day Two

Day Two was spent in class with Dr. O’Connor. IMLS 6000, the introductory Info Science course, is an overview of the studylife of a doctoral student. We discussed the nature of information, definitions of what information is (and yes, a digital file of a Fleetwood Mac song is information…) and such topics as entropy. At noon time we headed to lunch at Johnny Corrino’s across the way from the Hampton. I had the BEST low carb salmon dish ever.

The afternoon was spent discussiong various PPTs that Dr. O’Connor presented. It was also one of the times a few of us freaked a bit. It seemed so overwhelming toward the end of the day… but we made it through!

Dr. Sam Hastings opened her home to us, the faculty and other Doc.MLS students for dinner, drinks and a whole lot of socializing. It was so cool. One of the women in the on campus PhD program is engaged to Nick from Bowling for Soup who I got to chat with.

The day was long though, and I faded by 9…just time to hang out with some of the cohort by the whirlpool spa back at the hotel and then bed…