Dallas Apple Store


A much much much better retail environment than the Seattle store!

Oh, heck, here’s what I wrote then:
During my stay in Seattle for the Public Library Association Conference I planned to visit the Apple store and buy two more iSights and an iPod mini. I was outside the store with the Sony camera shooting the silvery Apple logo and two employees came out and stood on either side of me. The female said: “Excuse me what are you photographing…we have a policy… what are the pictures for?” I said “For my blog of Apple Stores I have visited…” She explained they had strict rules about photography… I understand that the policy is no interior photography which I respect, but the outside of the freakin store?????? I was pretty dumbstruck at this low in customer service. The female spoke so quickly and anxiously I was horrified that I had agitated her so much.

I cooled off for a bit…went in and told the Store Manager that I had planned to purchase but would take my business back to Apple North Michigan!

Apple – I understand no photography inside but tell those Seattle Apple store people to get a grip… why put up such a beautiful facade if you aren’t allowed to photograph it!?

Oh..and look at this from 2003!