Ten Cool Things about iPod Photo ( A Review)

Jenny urged me to write a review of the new iPod Photo at IL 2004. So here’s a brief one as I take a break from blogs and virtual communities.

I’m an iPod freak… and the thought of not only carrying my 32 GB of music files around but my 12 GB of digital pictures makes my knees weak. I ordered and received the new iPod right before IL2004. So, here goes Ten Cool Things about the iPod Photo:


’nuff said.

CD COVER ART incorporated into the Now Playing screen!

Or the FULL SCREEN mode!

SPACE! 60GB of room for MP3, AAC, and all the digital pictures, contacts, calendars, and more one may want to store on it! Room for 5596 images..including some shots from IL 2003!

SUPER VIDEO OUT as well as the regular video out on the companion dock included in the box!

SLIDESHOW MODE that shows you the current piucture as well as what is coming next!

SLIDESHOW MODE 2 plays on my TV in 16X9 mode!

TRANSITIONS! Right to left wipes…

SLIDESHOWS can include music as well while the pictures show. I chose a playlist and a gallery of pictures from London and let it play for friends over the holiday!

GREAT CLARITY of those pics as well on big TVs


CABLES included: RCA video to iPod, Firewire charge, USB 2.0 charge..nice!

Includes Dock, CD, Apple ear buds and cool packaging!

Does this sweet device have an application in libraries? YES! What if libraries circulated music collections on iPods..now they could also add images, such as a slide show of the library as promotion, artwork in the public domain, a series of images of a digital collection, etc… Ponder this..it just could work!

Back to my paper!