Ten Things…. Web Stuff (Via Dave) and ATTN Library Directors

OH! How cool are these Ten Things that Dave King pointed to before the Holidays.


Libraries really need to get a grip on some of these collaborative tools: IM, RSS, Wikis, etc!

But, Michael, you say, how can I get started? What can I do at my small to medium-sized library about all this techie stuff?

Good question. Here’s what I would do:


If you haven’t already designated staff to be in charge of Web development, communication and technology-based services, do so NOW. You, dear director, don’t have to know about all of this stuff but someone you trust in the organization should. Someone who understands the role technology should play, the ROI on projects and someone with an eye toward the future.

That person, in turn, should:

Read some of the cool library blogs out there and monitor sites like LISNews to keep up on what’s happening. Read journals and books too!

Be in close contact with the library’s systems folk and keep them on your side. Communicate.

Attend tech conferences and learn: don’t hide behind a Hilton pad taking notes that never see the light of day but talk to people, ask questions and take the important bits back to your library.

Be responsible for statistics of use: web, databases, hits to the library blog, etc and make reports that illustrate what is working and what is nit. Numbers = ROI = good decision making.

Understand technology is a tool to meet the needs of our users..not an end to itself (Thank you Sandra Nelson!)