Technology Needs Pyramid at walkingpaper

Aaron posted this yesterday:

What a wonderful concept. I’ve been thinking about it for a bit now:

I believe three other facets are present here:

1. The pyramid will be different for every library. Some tech stuff is base (catalog, public access) but some stuff may be different. A library might not have classes in the building but offer online instruction.

2. Project management comes into play as well. How many “technology-based irons” can one library have in the fire at a time and have an effective pyramid. Aaron writes: “In your tech planning, make sure your base needs are met, whatever they may specifically be… ” Indeed! I’m reminded of Richard Dougherty’s 5 components of implementing virtual ref — that I often look at for ANY tech initiative. (Here’s a post about it…)

Creating policy
Acquiring the Technology
Training staff

Building the “pyramid takes bricks and mortar” and these five things are fit the bill nicely.

3. I also think the pyramid can’t be buillt with input from a library’s user population. Think user-centered. Think focus group. Think survey. Don’t build your tech pyramid without checking in with the reason we do what we do in the first place.

Aaron — well done!