Online Social Networks Conference has begun

The conference began yesterday with a bunch of folks from all over the world logging in, introducing themselves and pulling up a chair — an avatar chair! Howard Rheingold, Joi Ito and Lisa Kimball did an audio keynote that was most cool to listen to:


Some points I made notes on: (and these are rough! Please listen to the 16min file!)

What do we call online social networks? Early on it was more social and less technology. These days it’s focused more on the technology (blogs, wikis). Has the quality of social networking improved in the last 20 years?

Things are moving very quickly in the realm of online social networks — new stuff such as blogs, wikis and social networking software. People are making new kinds of social arrangements.

Blogs create positive feedback but have negative feedback as well. Conversations can occur across blogs that can include or ignore people. How do we include folks adn exclude unwanted elements.

Presence: How do i become a part of an online community? How do we make people know we are here — online — and participating in communities? We share photos at flickr. We create anmd diseminate mutimedia content. We find new and different ways to let people know where we are. (SMS, etc)

The internet really improved the way OSS is diseminated… and now we are seeing similar improvements in create social environments for people to visit. We are now exchanging information, developing tools and interacting on a global level.

Messaging over mobile phones has changed social networks yet again… the behaviors of the social networks chanmge when folks can participate from anywhere.

I have been spending time in the meeting space and the presenters “Green Room” (which has a lovely green backgroiund 🙂 ) as well as loads of reading the introductions from various particpants.

Aaron and I present our work next week. I look forward to the interaction, questions and new avenues of thought that come from this experience!