That Local Flavor Please

This is a cross post from the Online Social Network Conference going on now:

One thing that has really impressed me is the use of subject-guide categories at Kansas City Public Library. Their site is full of pages that are often updated with local information and general interest stuff as well — and many of the pages have specfiic RSS feeds. ?

Take a look at: ?

It’s ingenious and I believe they hit on one of the strengths of creating an OSN for a community via the library: highlighting local information. Back in the day — 🙂 — librarians were all about creating “Web Guides” or subject lists. Now not only are folks going to Google first but bigger and better subject guides like the Librarian’s Index to the Internet do it with ease. Library staff should not be putting in hours on something that’s already in place — unless it’s building LOCAL portals and subject guides. That serves the users best, in my mind. ?