Six Tips to Enjoy Computers in Libraries 2005

I am really looking forward to this year’s Computers in Libraries conference at the Washington DC Hilton March 16-18. This will be my sixth trip out to DC for this conference! I’ve been reading Chad’s writing at Hidden Peanuts and was happy to see he found a way to attend CIL this year — his first. I would recommend this conference to any librarian interested in learning more about what is happening in that space where technology and libraries meet.

For those going, have fun! Here are Six Tips to Enjoy Computers in Libraries 2005:

1. Six Feet Under: Don’t miss the TechForum 2005! It’s Wednesday night, after a reception when the exhibits open so you get some food, some “festive” beverage of your choice and a couple of hilarious hours with some presenters discussing dead and emerging technologies moderated by Mr. D. Scott Brandt. And my friend Aaron is on the panel this year!

2. Dine Dine Around : Look for announcements about dine arounds and choose one or two and go! A Dine Around is sort of like a hungry community of interest that goes out to eat together and discusses a particular topic. Last year’s blogger’s dinner was a HOOT! This is a great way to meet like-minded/focused folks and do some networking.

3. Plugging In: Speaking of networking, don’t miss time in the exhibits to meet vendors, publishers, authors and other people who may give you info or insight into your own projects. The receptions are particularly good for rubbing some librarian elbows.

4. Unplugging: While in DC, break away during down times. The Metro can take you anywhere. My faves? National Cathedral, the Mall and the Smithsonian. Also take advantage of what DuPont Circle has to offer in the way of dining and shopping. You’ll find cuisine from around the world, unique gifts and some nightlife right down the hill from the Hilton. The coffee place (XandO? Cosi?) right across from the Church of Scientology had 5 wifi networks covering it, good tea and food as well.

5. Don’t be too shy! If you see someone at CIL that you’ve read/heard and you’d like to ask him or her a question or make a comment — go for it! Librarians are pretty darn approachable, and if someone isn’t – shame on them!

6. If you love it – COME BACK! Have something to say? Propose a talk. Guess what? Speakers get their conference fees waived! 🙂

See you in DC!