iPod as Listening Station

From a reader Down Under:

Hi Michael,

Yesterday I was thinking about using iPods in our public library, and some web and blog searching today uncovered your comments at your blog. I said almost exactly the same thing to a colleague yesterday – iPods are the coolest device around at the moment (in terms of public perception), so how cool would it be for the library to be seen using them?

Anyway, my idea was this:

The library buys an iPod mini – or several

The library purchases music online and uploads to iPod. New music (top 10 etc) can be purchased daily/weekly and uploaded.

We buy/build a secure casing that can attached to a desk, wall, computer carrel etc, where we can lock the iPod into – quick and easy listening station – much like a demo kiosk you may see in shops selling iPods

Yes it defeats the portability of the iPod, but it provides a cheap, flexible, ‘cool’ way of providing several listening stations in the library. I’ll continue to investigate it, and look forward to seeing more info about public libraries using iPods!



Warren Cheetham
Information Services Librarian
Thuringowa Library Services