Staff Oriented Toolbar – Good Stuff!

Grace commented about her library’s Toolbar:

Thanks for posting about us. To answer your questions – right now we’ve got a press release out to the Houston Chronicle and I’m developing a bookmark for the branches. I’ve thought about doing a poster, but we’ll see. Having it on the website alone seems to be doing pretty well – we had 478 downloads in February. We haven’t done any training for the staff or public. Ironically, the staff computers don’t yet have a toolbar. Rather than pushing the toolbar designed for the public to the staff computers, we’re in the final stages of design of a staff oriented toolbar with access to our Intranet and database searching.

That’s what I am talking about! A Toolbar just for staff – that’s a great way to keep those resources you pay for in the forefront of what’s available for searching. This is good stuff. Planning librarians…techies..adminstrators…take note of what this progressive system is doing to better enable the public and the staff!