“Less focused on me” – Blake’s Wrap Up


Please read Blake’s wrap up and pay special attention to the last bit that I quote here:

The ?core Bloggers? thing was surprisingly divisive at the conference and apparently outside as well. As Bloggers (Core or not, I was not) I think we need to talk about what we do and look at how we do things more and talk about ourselves less. What was being done from the conference was a great beginning, an amazing 1.0 of conference blogging.. Let?s look at how we did things and look for the next step. Stephen Abram said something about the Sirsi sales crew working the booth being in ?today? and being VP of Innovation, his job was to be in 10 years from now, and I hope a blogger will take the lead on being the VP of Innovation for the LIS Core Bloggers. Let?s begin by asking some big questions. How do we work together, how do we improve what we write, can we do some real reporting and is what we do fit for print, or would anyone want to read what we do in print. As Andrea would say, we need to be more meta, less focused on ?me?, and more focused on ?us? and what we can really do for each other and our profession. How do we move beyond what we do now and into something else?

Well said Blake! What will future conference blogging experiences be like?