Another Nail in the VR Coffin?


Even as I post this, David King, Chad and Blake and I are co-browsing the Web! We all downloaded and installed JYBE and joined the same session. Suddenly, we were watching as David took us around the KCPL site! There is a built in chat room at the bottom of the page! We were chatting within the browser! WOWZA! Thanks to the fellow who posed the question to Aaron and I at our CIL IM presentation: “Have you tried Jybe?” And thanks to Chris Jowaisis who told me about it when it launched in January.

Think of the implications for virtual reference without bloated software!


We were able to surf together. I loaded up Indiana’s access to EBSCOHOST and we searched together, found an article and downloaded. Everyone got a copy!

Blake said: “I never want to browse alone again.”

My mind reels….