Ten Steps to Effective Web Presence for Libraries

My talk Friday afternoon was about marketing library services via the web — creating effective PRESENCE — so here are ten methods to enhance your library’s place in the community: online and in person. These are steps you can take to reach your users – wherever they are – using some new technologies as tools for new services.

#1 Design for Your Users

#2 IM with Users and Ponder JYBE

#3: Blog your Stuff

#4: Podcast Rich Content

#5: Utilize RSS

#6: Ponder a wiki

#7: Utilize Image Sites

#8: Offer a Toolbar

#9: Local Flavor Rules

#10: Be Discoverable

Put your cool stuff in the catalog
Rethink the Library Web Cam
Ponder video chat reference (it’s on the way)
Stay up to date with new formats, delivery of content and future trends