Glenn Peterson on the Hennepin PL Web Site

IOLUG Spring Meeting 2005

At IOLUG, Glenn peterson was the keynoter. He spoke about hos Hennepin Co. PL updated, improved and planned their web presence. Some of his cool points:

The Web Team had lots of support from library administration – realizing it is a very important service to users!

HCPL has 5.3 million visitis to Web site per year!

“E-mail This” is an option on Computer class pages so folks can send a reminder to themselves

RSS feeds are everywhere!!!

Teen Pages with user book reviews, etc gives teens a sense of ownership with the web site. Encourgae interaction/dialog. HOT!

The catalog is the number one thing people use when they come to the site

“Search the Catalog” became “Find a Good Book” in their listing. This intrigues me!

IOLUG Spring Meeting 2005

Here’s a blurry (sorry) shot of his slide comparing the most visited Web pages of the site in 2003 and 2005, after incorporating more synergy with the catalog. Note that periodical list dropped off because it was incorporated into other areas of the site! I hope Glenn puts up his full presentation!