Discs are so Dead – Future of Media in Our Libraries


Nice article at WIRED that validates the thinking going on right now about CDs and DVDs. What will our Audio Visual areas look like in the next 5-7 years when we are hurtling toward streaming versions of high-def movies and episodes of “Entourage?” How will we participate in what becomes a transcation between users at home and the vast network of content and community out there?

Eventually, someone will build the sophisticated business plan and technology that will make getting hi-def movies online even easier. The possibilities are myriad. Users, for example, could log onto Amazon, shop for movies, and instead of having them shipped, simply download the title – to own or to rent for a few days – directly to their hard drive. A high-quality piece of streaming-video hardware, developed by some consumer electronics company with foresight (and either built into a television or sitting on top) would then pull the file to the TV. It’s not crazy to envision future TiVos or cable DVRs with access to every movie ever made – complete with a community of viewers generating ratings and recommendations – allowing consumers to rent a flick from the couch with a remote. At first there will be download delays, but it will still be faster than renting via US Mail. Service will get better every year, and at some point Hollywood and the major gear makers are going to notice. And then they’re going to feel awfully stupid about having stepped into the Thunderdome for yet another format war.

Maybe libraries can hook up with content providers and stream movies and more to card holders. Maybe our presence as SERVER will grow as more people connect to the library for their content. So many obstacles there and not a friendly model to businesses.

Pondering… any thoughts?