Transparency, Community and Communication at AADL

(Bold is mine for emphasis!)

Library Circulation Surpasses 3 Million

Last year we announced that items circulated during the 2003-04 year passed the 2 million mark. This year, we circulated just over 3 million items. This new circulation record represents a 33% increase and the highest annual percentage of increase in the Library’s history.

We are also experiencing growth in other key areas. Our buildings were visited 1.3 million times, an 8% increase. Attendance at programs increased 14%, over 51,000, and more individuals used library computers than ever before…223,000 logins represent a 37% increase over last year.

The need to expand our space and adapt to the needs and interests of the community is clear. Let us know what you need from the Library.

This comes from the Director’s blog at Ann Arbor. If you click through a dialogue begins within the comments on the post. It’s telling: a library user can state opinion, ask questions and receive a response from the director.

Shouldn’t all public libraries be sending this message: Let us know what you need from the Library.