Admissions Podcast – What could libraries do?

Ken finds a podcast at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley Web site.

” On a hunch I searched for the RSS feed of the web site of the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, and I found a very professional, welcoming, and informative single podcast (linked here) from the admissions office about how they consider applications to the MBA program. You can see the impulse — the admissions office must have had to answer questions about how they screen applicants hundreds of time each season, so this podcast might save them time repeating this information. All of us share the same bits of information over and over again in our work; podcasts must be one way to share a strong version of that information in an always-ready format. The tone is especially good — the writer addresses not just the need for information but also some of the anxieties applicants face, while also giving good advice about how to make the best impression in an application or interview. I was impressed.”

What questions do libraries answer a lot, over and over? How about a podcast on getting a library card and circulation policies? Or an overview of the library’s programs, tech classes and book groups? A podcast intro to all departments of a library, written and spoken by members of each area?

Ponder what else might be done with the files? Inclusion on a library DVD orienting new users? Added to circulation digital devices?

Some key factors: a good voice, a reasonable recording that’s easily downloadable, a well-written script – and time to produce them.

And don’t miss Ken’s post about the human voice on university Web sites! What is the voice of your library’s Web site? Is it static, dull, tired? Is it alive with feeling and ready to tell you a story… Wowza but I love this stuff!