A Hoosier Librarian in the United Kingdom

Returning to Britain
Greetings! I’ll be off to England tomorrow. Internet librarian International begins Sunday October 9th with workshops and then the conference takes place over Monday and Tuesday. We’ll be in residence at the Millennium Copthorne Tara Hotel. I am looking forward to a few things:

Presenting with Aaron and Brian Kelly on Digital Tools

Presenting with my chum Rob from the Netherlands on Tech Training

Rubbing some international librarians’ elbows at various lunches, dinners and meet-and-greets. Note that there will be “Dine Arounds” and Aaron and I are hosting a “Technology in Libraries” Thai dinner on Monday. Sign Up here.

Then, dear readers, I am officially unplugging for 5 days to enjoy England!

I’ll blog some from the conference and will post some flickr shots using the tag ILI2005.