Breakfast Tea & Internet Librarians

I’m up early! (J-E-T you are so BAD for me!) and I’m working on a few things for this mornings Public Library track at Internet Librarian 2005. So far this experience has been incredible! I taught 3 workshops over the weekend and got to chit chat with librarians from all over the US as well as Canada AND Copenhagen!

Darlene Fichter and I taught “Organizational Weblogs” and my big AHA moment there was the fact that two of the participants were present because their organizations had a blogging initiative in their strategic or long range plans. Do you have such an initiative?

This was fun coming off “The Blogger’s Toolkit” in London, and the differences and similarities between the folks here and over there were fascinating. One of the highlights: blogs being used in the classrooms and inj the school libraries. Nice! I am so happy librarians are recognizing how a tool such as weblogs can solve many problems and create a flow of information that could become a conversation with users.

Aaron and I taight a planning for technology workshop that really came together well. We spent some time on “Ten Steps for Planning for Technology” and then Aaron took us through some hot tech. The group then broke out to discuss how they would implement their chosen technologies. He posted about it here.

Finally, Scott Brandt and I taught a new version of teaching the Internet — in 2005. Six new courses we presented for the particpants to adapt and use in their libraries included “Setting Up Wireless networks,” “All about Podcasting,” and “All About Digital Music Players.”