SJCPL Gets GAMING! (And Library 2.0 Blogging too!)

SJCPL Game Blog

While I was in Chicago, things really ramped up on the SJCPL Gaming front. I am happy to announce here at TTW that my library is implementing a gaming tournament program as well as a complimentary online presence allowing interactivity between the game organizers and the gamers we seek to serve.

First: Read the Lifeline post about Gaming! “P” lays out what’s happening.

“Starting in January of next year, the Main Library will be the site for video game tournaments featuring Mario Kart: Double Dash, Nintendo’s infamous multiplayer racer. Gamers will be able to play against each other using one of eight different Game Cube Stations hooked into each other for eight-man multiplayer mode. Our Grand Tournament is open to anyone in grades 7th to 12th, and our Open Plays are for anyone.”

Then, zip over the the Official SJCPL Game Blog: where we have official SJCPL Game Bloggers and Commentors (our users, thank you).

Note that we are using images for the bloggers. I said every chance I could at CPL that we need to put a face on our services! Well done Maire, Julie and the gaming team!