Gaming Gospel

Blyberg writes about gaming at AADL (and Eli!):

AADL’s Gaming initiative “is one of those programs that I still shake my head at in disbelief, because it has been such a staggering success born out of such unorthodox ideas. If you’re looking for evidence that the role of today’s libraries is changing, look no further.

That’s what we need more of, folks, unorthodox ideas in the library. The return on this investment? It’s precious:

And that’s what draws in the kids. They come in knowing that they are going to be part of something big. These tournaments are their opportunity to shine in a venue that validates them and gives their interests legitimacy. I think Eli says it best, “If you don’t offer them something that has value to them now, you’re going to be irrelevant to them for the rest of their lives. It’s not a risk we can afford to take.”