Ontario Library Association Superconference & the Faculty of Information Studies

What a great excursion to Toronto! It was too short. I got to meet some wonderful folks, talk blogs and library education, and spend time with some of my favorite librarians.

Here are some of my favorite moments:

Meeting up with Sherri Vokey of ::schwagbag::: fame to speak at the ThisThursday@FIS Invited Speakers series at the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto. I got to present the results from the librarian blogger survey and talk weblogs and libraries with a bunch of cool people, including a discussion of wikipedia and the wisdom of crowds. Connie Crosby blogged the talk here.

The session on library schools was incredible! I was so glad to have the Vice Dean of the Information School Judy Dunn there, her comments and insights were incredible. I asked for a show of hands: “How many LIS faculty were in the room?” None! But as Jenny wrote, the discussion was great and I’d love to see a program like this at ALA.

Walking around Toronto, Jenny and I encountered some signage that got us thinking. We visited the Toronto Reference Library. They do some HOT marketing! Oh, and yummy food too!

My afternoon session on “The Blog People” and reserach about weblogs in libraries was a lot of fun as well… it was the last session of a huge day but the audience was wonderful. I hope many of them were inspired to start blogs at their libraries.

Thanks OLA for the superconference experience!