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Computers Say NO. IT says NO.

Allow me to point you to an amazing presentation by Brian Kelly, UK Web Focus, entitled “IT Services: Help Or Hindrance?” at http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/web-focus/events/conferences/ucisa-2006/ I laughed out loud at the wonderful Little Britain”reference — and realized it makes so much sense: The computer says No — not any more folks, a neither does Web 2.0 IT says No — I’ve heard that song before. Take a look at Brian’s PPT and watch for the pointers to how IT may want to shift to a “2.0” perspective. Libray IT 2.0 doesn’t say no…. Thanks Brian for some welcome insight this morning…

Not Library 2.0 Part III

Via Michael Sauers: http://www.flickr.com/photos/travelinlibrarian/99868083/ With this and these two examples so far (and I’m sure there are many more) that point to barriers created by librarians when, for example, across the pond, the word is CONVERGENCE. Let me know if more pics like this go up on flickr. Can we use a tag? “NotLibrary2.0”?