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The Audio Visual Department is Changing!

I wrote this piece, entitled Crystal Visions at TechSource a few weeks ago. Today, we get this news out of Colorado via LISNews: In mid-March, members will be able to start downloading documentaries and IMAX movies, travel and concert films, do-it-yourself remodeling flicks and exercise videos. “It will be very cool, because you could take it on your laptop on a business trip and have your yoga program right there in your hotel room,” Jeske said. Eventually, the library expects to also offer feature films. Like audio books, Jeske said, patrons will be able to keep a video download about […]

Welcome to Our World

This month, Rachel Singer Gordon and I start a Computers in Libraries magazine monthly department that will offer tips and strategies for technology projects in any kind of library for little or no cost! We begin with some background about our library experience. We’ll be switching off between aithors month to month. Next month, I write about the benefits and mechanics of internal blogging for improved communication in libraries. Welcome to Our World! Gordon, Rachel Singer Gordon & Michael Stephens. Computers in Libraries; Jan2006, Vol. 26 Issue 1, p40-41 All of this talk about new Web site techniques–“Web 2.0,” blogs, […]

Battle of the Bands & Rock the Shelves

In class on Sunday, we were discussing what we liked about different library Web sites to pave the way for my students designing their own small library-related Web site. We happened upon Oak Park Public Library’s Teen Page, which featured “Battle of the Bands.” It was nice synchronicity because I had just shown them slides of “Rock the Shelves” at flickr. ( I love turning the students on to flickr and we’ll do more at our next weekend.) Oak Park shares photos on their own page while “Rock the Shelves” was thrown into the great pool. I think both are […]