Leslie Asks Some Questions and Recognizes Opportunity

Our Lunch with Leslie

Leslie Burger ponders the future of ALA to new librarians on her blog:

How do we build on the concept of a social network, the speed and ease of communication and information sharing of the bloggers? How do we make ALA a more attractive outlet for people who want to make a difference, for those who need help and ideas to bring back to their libraries, and make it a more welcoming, social organization.

And yesterday during our SisriDynix webinar on Library 2.0, Stephen Abram mentioned he was off to a conference on the concepts of Association 2.0. I think we’re seeing the shift towards something exciting.

Just think: Leslie, who is blogging and thinking about facebooks for the membership and pondering the importance of social networks, has the potential to make some great changes. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

During our lunch with Leslie, I wrote “ALA 2.0” across the top of my pad and circled it.