Libraries doing Cool Things with iPods 2

Pattyy Uttaro reports to TTW:

I’m waiting on an order of 5 iPod shuffles that we’re going to circ pre-loaded with recorded books. This summer, we’ll be circing iPods (want video, may settle for nano) from our new branch in a restored trolley depot on the Erie Canal. Those iPods will serve a couple purposes. Some will be pre-loaded with a recorded (or video) tour of our village that visitors can use to find things like good coffee, tasty food, parks, etc. Other iPods will be loaned to people traveling along the Erie Canal by boat or bike. They’ll get the iPod and a postage paid container to send it back in; I’ll get their credit card number so I can be assured those iPods come back. The branch will also be equipped with wireless Internet access and laptops that people can use in the building and outside on the deck or even in their boats as they are docked in town.

Patty’s Blog: