Library 2.0 Readings for ALA Online Course

One of the projects I’m working on in my six month break between SJCPL and Dominican is the prototype library futures course at ALA. I wrote about it here. The course will examine the principles of Library 2.0 and how ALA might use some of the same tools and thinking to create or improve services. Jenny Levine is my co-author for the six week course and co-presenter with me for the opening and closing sessions. To get started, we’d like to hear from you! Here’s what Jenny posted at The Shifted Librarian:

The first order of business is creating a reading list, so naturally we’re starting to pull together a variety of posts from around the internet (blog posts, emails, mailing list messages, etc.). Therefore, if you have an original piece you have written or want to write about Library 2.0 that you would like to submit for consideration, please contact either one of us (, or leave a comment on one of our sites. I’m stressing the word “original” in the previous sentence because we’re more interested in moving the discussion forward, rather than just recycling straight reposts, “me, too,” or “what he said” pointers. Linking to someone else is fine, but we’re hoping to hear your own thoughts on the subject. And of course, we reserve the right to edit them down if need be, but we’ll clear any changes with you.

We’d especially love to hear from those of you who feel that you haven’t been heard on this issue, those of you who believe your thoughts have been misrepresented or misconstrued elsewhere, and anyone else that feels strongly about this topic. We’ll be inclusive of the whole discussion, which is why we’re putting out this call. Here’s your chance to join in!