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Library 2.0 Workshop Tomorrow & Radical Trust

I’m putting the finish touches on a Library 2.0 workshop I’ll be presenting tomorrow at Metropolitan Library System. I’m using Darlene’s definition in one section, and she expanded on her thinking about “radical trust” here: http://library.usask.ca/~fichter/blog_on_the_side/2006/04/web-2.html We can only build emergent systems if we have radical trust. With an emergent system, we build something without setting in stone what it will be or trying to control all that it will be. We allow and encourage participants to shape and sculpt and be co-creators of the system. We don’t have a million customers/users/patrons … we have a million participants and co-creators. […]

Last Day of Class at Dominican & Student Web Sites

It’s the last day of the last weekend of my Internet Fundamentals section. My students are sharing their Web projects! (Remember their Blogs?) These are fictional or “not official” mini-Web sites for a library or library service. Here are some of the projects: Archives Project: http://domin.dom.edu/students/chawapra/LIS753/FinalProject.html Fox River Grove Library: http://domin.dom.edu/students/roselaur/lis753/frglibrary.html Information Policy: http://domin.dom.edu/students/gornchris/753/infopolicy.html Resources for Gay Teens: http://domin.dom.edu/students/larsleah/LIS753/queerteenresources.htm Young Adults: http://domin.dom.edu/students/mackshen/LIS753Project/reelinginyoungadults.html Hayt Elementary Library: http://domin.dom.edu/students/jordamy/LIS753/main.html Gaming in Libraries: http://domin.dom.edu/students/barrashl/lis753/gaming.html ILL Page for a Library: http://domin.dom.edu/students/pollcarr/753/ILLhome.html Library programs Pages: http://domin.dom.edu/students/compemil/LIS753/programsallages.html Stone Book Reviews: http://domin.dom.edu/students/laskmark/lis753/main.html Andersen library: http://domin.dom.edu/students/rimikris/753/andersenwebsite.html Planning a Wedding resources at the Libraryhttp://domin.dom.edu/students/nilsstep/753/librarywedding.html

Upcoming Presentations

Wednesday, April 19, 2006. “Rev Up Your Online Services: Blogs, RSS, Wikis and other Dynamic and Low-cost Technologies” Workshop. Washington State Library Association Annual meeting. Tacoma, Washington. Friday, April 29, 2006. “Technology Planning” and “Wikis and Other Social Tools for Your Library” (with Jenny Levine). Texas Library Association Conference, Houston, Texas. Wednesday, May 10, 2006. SJCPL Staff Day. “Libraries Fit for the Future” with Jenny Levine. The Big Picture: Toward Library 2.0. Training, Technology, & Planning Monday, May 15, SELCO ,Tuesday, May 16, Willmar Public Library, Wednesday, May 17, Detroit Lakes Library, Thursday, May 18, Arrowhead Library System, Friday, May […]