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John Blyberg Lets the Patrons Drive

Another link this morning: http://www.higheredblogcon.com/index.php/patrons-in-the-drivers-seat-giving-advanced-tool-sets-to-library-patrons/ John’s presentation at HigherEdBlogCon takes readers through his experiences at AADL and offers some practical advice for some of the innovations he’s worked on. He concludes: Just as each library community is different, so should our deliverales be, but at the heart of it all should be the idea that we’re building and fostering a community. In return, our users wil be stewards of an online palace of information that fronts for tangible material–books that illuminate, movies that stir, and music that moves us.

Creating a positive Customer Experience

Zip on over to Library Garden for this post from Peter Bromberg: http://librarygarden.blogspot.com/2006/04/practical-tips-on-creating-positive.html Peter is going to offer practical tips on improving customer service, which he chooses to call “customer experience.” I like that and it ties in so well with our discussions of barriers, sacred cows and more. Put Library Garden in your aggregator of choice folks! Practical tip #1: Start thinking about your customers’ experience. What do they experience when they walk in the door? When they visit your webpage? When they call your phone? When they email you? Ask these questions and encourage co-workers to do the […]